CSR Featured on CBC Radio One: Robots are Job Creators

Confined Space Robotics and Spence Corrosion were featured in CBC Radio One’s segment, The Cost of Living. The companies were mentioned about the rise of the robotics industry in Alberta. Spence Corrosion utilizes CSR’s state of the art technology to make tank protection and refurbishing safer.

Spence Corrosion employees who once expressed fear of job loss with the introduction of robotic technology are now realizing that robots are here to help their work, not reduce job security.

As Paul Haavardsrud from CBC Radio One states in his feature, people have often feared that the introduction of robots to a workplace will replace human jobs. However, that’s not the case! Norman Spence, Spence Corrosion president, has even said that the introduction of robots to his company has allowed him to hire more people and accomplish more work.

CSR is providing robotics technology to people all over the world, but with roots in Alberta it is exciting to see that Canadian, and more specifically Albertan, interest in the robotics industry is increasing. Bringing robots into the different technical industries is keeping people safer as well as creating jobs. Using robots still requires a person to run and maintain the robot while keeping people out of harms way.

The CBC Radio One feature also showcased the statistics from Statistics Canada that companies that introduce robots into their workplace often end up expanding their workforce.

You can listen to the whole feature on the expanding robotics industry in Alberta, and how the introduction of robots into the workplace is actually a job creator, on the CBC website!