CSR partners with ScoutDI in Canada and the United States

Scout 137 Drone System

ScoutDI has appointed Confined Space Robotics to be their authorized sales agent for Canada and the United States.

Confined Space Robotics (CSR) is pleased to announce that we have joined ScoutDI sales partnership network. CSR can now give you unparalleled access to a cutting-edge inspection solution. CSR is excited to add the Scout 137 Drone System to our arsenal of robotic solutions. With this addition CSR is more prepared than ever to provide you with a compressive industrial robotic solution.

I believe our partnership with ScoutDI is a perfect fit for us. Before our Abrasive Blast arm can be deployed an inspection is required and ScoutDI provides a safe and effective solution. Bringing us yet another step closer to our goal of eliminating the risk to humans working in hazardous and confined spaces.”

-Norman Spence, CEO, Confined Space Robotics

The use of drone technology for indoor industrial inspections continue to rapidly grow as companies look to safer alternatives to sending people into such environments. Working at height, hazardous atmospheres and the costs associated with these inspection activities are just a few of the operational risks that ScoutDI technology addresses through their drone based non-entry inspection solutions.

“We are happy to be working with like-minded companies to bring our technology to new regions and customers. CSR have built up strong competence on robotic solutions and we look forward to this collaboration.”

-Nicolai Husteli, CEO, ScoutDI
ALPHA-1 Abrasive Blast Arm

About Confined Space Robotic

Confined Space Robotics (CSR) is a robotics solutions company that offers a technology that changes the industry approach to inspections. CSR is dedicated to eliminating the need for humans to enter dangerous confined spaces such as tanks and vessels required in the production of petrochemicals and fertilizers. CSR provides its customers a comprehensive training model on its robotic solutions all with the intent to perform project work with zero injuries. Since robots do not get tired or fatigued like humans, our robotic solutions may consistently outperform human counterparts in terms of speed, quality, and consistency.

More information can be found on www.csrrobotics.com

About ScoutDI

ScoutDI is an inspection technology company headquartered in Trondheim, Norway that offers end-to-end, fully digitalized data solutions for inspection of confined spaces in oil & gas, maritime, aquaculture, agriculture, infrastructure, power generation and other industries. ScoutDI has developed the Scout 137 drone for gathering location-tagged visual inspection footage, from spaces where human access will be unsafe, time-consuming, and expensive. In addition, the Scout Portal provides an online inspection data service for inspection live-streaming, instant replays, reporting plus data management and API integration with other third-party systems.

More information can be found on www.scoutdi.com