CFM Challenge

Confined Space Robotics (CSR) is one of the two finalists for the 2020 CFM Challenge. This challenge seeks robotic solutions for the clearing and fabric maintenance of capital-intensive infrastructure. CSR is a first time participant in the CFM Challenge, so it is a great mark of success to be in the running as a first-time competitor. 

The 2020 CFM Challenge is greatly aligned with CSR’s greatest values, to eliminate the need for humans to enter into confined spaces and hazardous zones. The competition asked competitors to propose robotic solutions to cleaning and maintenance in the oil industry, and CSR does exactly that.

CSR’s robotic arms replace the need for people to enter dangerous tanks. The arms are able to accomplish anything a person could do, from cleaning to abrasive blasting to coating and maintaining a tank. CSR’s robotic arms are incredibly versatile, and they are also easily trainable. That means that CSR’s robotic arms aren’t reducing jobs, they’re simply reallocating them. The people who were once at risk in the tank are now running the robotic arm.

The 2020 CFM Challenge is an exciting sign that the world is moving to technology as a solution to prevent human risk factors. Putting people at risk to get a job done is no longer an option, and the CFM Challenge shows that. They challenged companies to create innovative robotic solutions to the jobs that put people at risk, and CSR has been delivering since the company’s inception.

CSR builds robotic arms that can perform all confined space jobs that once put people at risk. It’s very exciting to be recognized for this endeavor, and we’re so glad to be in the top four finalists for the CFM Challenge. Good luck and congratulations to the other finalists!