CSR Robotics has three different robotic services solutions:


Keep your operators away from harm

We realize purchasing a robotic solution is a large investment, there is a capital expenditure, training and more that goes into it.  We also realize your commitment to safety, project efficiency, quality and budgets are important too.

CSR Robotics meets all these needs and more through our robotic solution rental program.  Rent a fully functioning robotic solution for your blasting or coating project by the day/week/month or project.

Rentals include:


Solve Your Project Challenges Safely

At CSR Robotics, we recognized equipment maintenance and safety costs are increasing all the time and some clients would prefer to manage all of this inhouse.

Our Buy/Lease program allows you to control all facets of your blasting/coating projects and provides the space to rent out or partner on projects.

Our Buy/Lease Programs include:


Expert Training With Your Team In Mind

At CSR Robotics we understand the corporate matrix regarding health and safety is just as important as project timelines and budgets.  Robotic blasting and coating solutions provide project efficiencies, decrease costs, increase safety and more.  Training is at the core of all successful projects.  At CSR Robotics, our training is focused on a collaborative approach that shares knowledge and skill with your team.

CSR Robotics offers a training program on robotic solutions.

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